i finally got my nipples pierced!

i’m so happy & so in love with them.

i’m getting my nipples pierced this weeeeek. i am so mfing excited.

I want my nipples pierced sooo bad
my online classes started not even 3 hours ago and I’m already overwhelmed. this is going to be fun
I’m so upset I’m not at luminox right now

I’m about to have a mental breakdown & it sucks because the person who I normally would go to to help me through it is the reason why I’m about to snap .

friendly reminder that all the stuff he does to you , he learned from me . and all the stuff he does to you now is what I like , so he’s tryna please you in a way that would please me .

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in lovvvvvvve with this song .

I hope abc family doesn’t replace harry potter weekend with twilight .

I’m done chasing you , I’m chasing my dreams now .

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